Queens Men Allegedly Stole Used Cooking Oil From NJ Restaurant

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    The van that was used to seal grease.

    Two New York residents are accused of trying to steal used cooking oil from a New Jersey restaurant.
    Police say they caught Youngil Kim and Byung Ho Choi sucking 700 gallons of grease from two storage tanks behind a Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant in North Bergen Monday.

      Waste oil can be turned into biodiesel fuel. The restaurant sells its grease to a contractor for a little more than $1 a gallon.
    Police say the Queens, N.Y., residents attached a hose to a pump in a canary yellow van. The oil was stored in a plastic bladder.
    Detective Lt. Frank Cannella tells The Record newspaper they "weren't sneaky thieves, they were greasy thieves."
    It's not clear if they have lawyers.