Mayor's Favorite Coffee Shop Gets B Grade

The owner says it was due to a cracked egg in the refrigerator.

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    Not even Mayor Bloomberg's favorite coffee shop where he gets his daily cup of java with milk and no sugar can escape the city's  tough health inspectors.

    The billionaire's favorite coffee place on the Upper East Side, Nectar Coffee Shop, got a B grade two months ago, according to the Daily News.

    Manager Steve Georgalis tells the paper it was because health inspectors came to the restaurant during the breakfast rush and there was a cracked egg in the refrigerator.

    “Everyone is running around, back and forth," he said. "I got a ticket for having a cracked egg in the refrigerator.”

    He tried to appeal the B but was not successful.

    Other violations included a dirty milk shake machine and a section of countertop that wasn't cleaned, he told the News.

    He said the coffee shop hasn't talked about its grade with the mayor.