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NYC Mayor Plans to Play Golf in Hawaii, Learn Spanish "Like a Native," After Leaving Office

"I am adamant that I want to speak Spanish like a native," the mayor told Forbes

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    Mayor Bloomberg says he plans to vacation in Hawaii and New Zealand after leaving office at the end of the year, and will also focus on learning to "speak Spanish like a native."

    The billionaire Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent told Forbes in a interview posted Wednesday that he is planning a golf vacation in Hawaii and New Zealand that will begin Jan. 2, after he attends the next mayor's inauguration on New Year's Day.

    Bloomberg, who will have served for 12 years, said his plans beyond that definitely don't include another "24/7 job," but that he will continue to stay involved in his political and philanthropic efforts, which include anti-gun and public health initiatives. 

    "Those things will lead to a lot of other things. I’m not worried about it," he told Forbes.

    He noted that Bill Gates and former President Bill Clinton have both found ways to stay relevant and make a difference after leaving more public positions.

    "Oh, yeah, I’m also going to work on my Spanish," he added. "I am adamant that I want to speak Spanish like a native."

    When asked what he thinks his legacy will be, Bloomberg cited city stats that New Yorkers "are living on average 2.5 years longer than they did 12 years ago."

    "Our problems here now are all problems of success," he said.