Manhattan Partygoer Gets Prison for Fire in Host's Building

Daniel Phillips was sentenced Tuesday in the January 2009 fire

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    A guest convicted of setting a fire in a New York City apartment building after being asked to leave a party has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

    Daniel Phillips was sentenced Tuesday. His lawyer, Eric Sears, stressed the 32-year-old film editor's clean record and accomplishments.

    Sears says it's difficult "to believe he'd ever do something like this intentionally."

    The Manhattan district attorney's office says Phillips reluctantly left a friend's January 2009 birthday gathering. Then he started a fire in a recycling storage area.

    Prosecutors say flames and smoke shot up the five-story building's stairwell and caused more than $320,000 in damage.

    No one was hurt, but dozens of people had to flee into a 14-degree night.

    Phillips' plans to appeal his conviction on arson and other charges.