Man Accused of Plot to Kill Girlfriend, 21 Years After Wife Shooting Death

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    A 72-year-old Staten Island man has been arrested after authorities say he tried to buy a gun to kill his girlfriend, exactly 21 years after he was arrested in the death of his wife.

    Charles Baeza was arraigned Friday after authorities said he tried to buy a firearm and silencer from an undercover detective on Thursday.

    The Staten Island District Attorney said he was seeking to kill his 50-year-old girlfriend.

    After his arraignment, Baeza claimed the whole thing was "just a joke."

    Baeza was paroled in February 2010, after a 1992 conviction of first-degree manslaughter and felony criminal weapon possession related to the shooting death of his wife.

    In that case, Virginia authorities pulled over Baeza on I-95 and discovered his wife's body in the car. The couple lived on Long Island.

    That was on Aug. 18, 1990, exactly 21 years before his latest arrest.

    There was no immediate information about a lawyer for Baeza.