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Long-Rumored Times Article on Paterson is Finally Out



    Governor Paterson pictured with aide David Johnson

    The long-rumored New York Times article finally zipped into cyberspace around 8:30pm on Tuesday.

    Only the medium-length story on the Times' Web site wasn't the in-depth profile about Governor Paterson as The Governor himself predicted. Instead, it's an examination of one of Paterson's most trusted aides, David Johnson.

    According to the Times,  Johson sold drugs as a teen and had several complaints against him for domestic abuse. But neither allegation triggered anything in a State background check.

    The Governor told the Times: “I will not turn my back on someone because of mistakes made as a teenager.”

    The Times' piece capped a nine-day internet frenzy, as bloggers fed a never-ending rumor mill that the Governor would have to resign in the wake of the Times' report.

    The Governor criticized the paper for not knocking down the rumors.

    You can read the NYTimes Article by clicking here.