Long Island Driver Picks Up Hitchhiker, Gets Beaten, Robbed

Group of men beat up victim, stole car once driver arrived at hitchiker's destination.

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    A Long Island man who agreed to give a stranger a lift was beaten by a group of men who then stole his car, police say.      

    Police say the 36-year-old victim had just dropped off a passenger in a Rosedale parking lot when a man asked if he would give him a lift to Valley Stream.

    The victim agreed, saying it would cost him $12.      

    When they arrived in Valley Stream, police say two other men dragged the driver out of the car and proceeded to punch and kick him. The three suspects then drove off in the victim's car.      

    Police say the driver's cell phone and $30 in cash were in the car.     

    The driver was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries.