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Lawyer: Cop Killing of Pace Student Was Murder

Relatives call for federal probe into police-involved shooting

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    A lawyer for the family of a New York college student killed by police says the shooting was intentional murder.

    Attorney Michael Sussman made the charge as he renewed his demand for an independent prosecutor in the Oct. 17 killing of Pace University football player Danroy Henry, of Easton, Mass.

    Witness accounts of the shooting have differed sharply, and a grand jury is investigating. Sussman said the fatal bullets were fired by Pleasantville Officer Aaron Hess.

    John K. Grant, a lawyer for Hess, did not immediately return phone and e-mail messages. He said earlier this month that Henry's car hit Hess and threw him onto the hood, then kept accelerating.

    He said Hess had no alternative but to fire at the driver.


    Meantime, a teammate of Henry's allegedly told an officer to shoot him after Henry was fatally wounded by another officer, according to a newly filed police account.

    "Come on, shoot me too,'' Yves Delpeche, 22, shouted before he was subdued with a stun gun, according to the account obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

    Delpeche was among four Pace University students arrested after the killing of Henry on Oct. 17.  Their lawyer is trying to get the charges dismissed.

    Officers responding to a disturbance at a bar in a Thornwood, N.Y., shopping center after the Pace homecoming game killed Henry by firing through the windshield of his car.

    Police said Henry sped away and hit two officers in the parking lot after another officer knocked on his car window, an account that some witnesses have contradicted. A grand jury investigation is under way.

    The four teammates were arrested in the chaos that followed the shooting.