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LI Family Heartbroken Over Stolen Dog

The Family's beloved maltese-dachshund mix was stolen during a break-in



    (Published Friday, Dec. 21, 2012)

    Donna Labriola's 10-year-old daughter Maria says the only thing she really wants from Santa this year is to have her dog Jo-Jo back home.

    The family's beloved maltese-dachshund mix was stolen during an October break-in at their Long Island home in West Islip.

    "It breaks my heart because I am Santa and I can't fulfill that wish," Labriola said of her daughter's Christmas request.

    Labriola said she's searched for the dog in shelters and veterinary offices all over the area, as well as on the Internet with no luck. Leads followed by authorities haven't turned up anything yet either.

    Security cameras now keep close watch over the house where thieves ransacked bedrooms taking jewelry and even dog walking money earned by little Maria. But the thieves left high priced electronic items behind, making off with the family dog instead.

    "There's no doubt in my mind that he was just taken," Labriola says. "He was cute. They probably said 'what a cute little dog, I'm gonna take him!'"

    Jo-Jo was part of a private adoption and doesn't have an implanted chip that could locate him. Authorities are hoping a $5000 reward now being offered will help bring Jo-Jo back to the family in time for Christmas.