LES Bouncers Take Bribes from Underage Drinkers: Police

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    Bouncers at Lower East Side clubs are accepting cash to let minors inside, according to a published report.

    DNAinfo.com reports that 7th Precinct Capt. David Miller says the practice is "not uncommon at all."

    "It's very prevalent," he told the website. "It's happening more than less at some of these locations."

    One Lower East Side establishment, Gallery Bar, was recently shut down for alleged underage drinking.

    The website reported that in at least one instance, a bouncer accepted cash to let in an underage patron.

    Gallery Bar owner Darin Rubell said he is defenseless against the practice because he can't watch his guards all the time.

    "It's not my goal to sit here and serve underages," he told the website. "My goal is to make money as a business."