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Koch Backs Paterson: But Does a Sympathy Endorsement Count?

Not exactly whole-hearted



    Former mayor Ed Koch's endorsement of Gov. Paterson wasn't exactly ringing

    Finally a bit of good news for Governor David Paterson! Well, sort of.

    Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch says he plans to support Paterson's embattled reelection bid.    
    "He's a decent man, I like him and I expect to vote for him for reelection," Koch said. 

    Ed Koch Endorses Paterson?

    [NY] Ed Koch Endorses Paterson?
    The former mayor on the current governor
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010)

    But the story gets a bit less exciting for Paterson when Koch is pressed about WHY he backs him.

    "Because I feel very sorry for him," Koch says.  "He's not been treated decently."

    Asked yet again why he chooses Paterson over Andrew Cuomo, the former Mayor says "It's not on substance. I reserve the right to change my mind." 

    Nevermind that, as endorsements go, Koch's is hardly exuberant. The Paterson campaign strategy is to take-the-endorsement-and-run.

    The Governor's campaign spokesman Richard Fife said the former Mayor's comments "are particularly meaningful because Ed Koch has proven he knows what it takes to govern and lead in tough times. We are grateful for his support and look forward to kicking off our campaign on the 20th."