Kelly Won't Arrest Kaddafy But the Thought Makes Him Smile

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    Police Commissioner Ray Kelly wanted no part of a New York Post column that urged -- with a big red TODAY in its headline -- that the NYPD "put the cuffs on Khadafy."

    But the top cop couldn't resist smiling about it.

    The Thought of Cuffing Kaddafy Bemuses Kelly

    [NY] The Thought of Cuffing Kaddafy Bemuses Kelly
    New York's top cop has no intention of cuffing Moammar Kaddafy -- but the thought makes him laugh. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009)

    A Post guest columnist, Geoffrey Robertson, spun out unlikely scenarios whereby Libyan leader Moammar Kaddafy  could be stripped of his diplomatic immunity during his visit in New York this week for the UN General Assembly and arrested for past alleged crimes, including the Lockerbie bombing.
    Kelly started to grin when asked about this prospect, then laughed outright, saying "no, I have no comment."  A follow-up question "would you enjoy putting the cuffs on him?" elicited the same reaction.