Queens Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Man Jailed for 13 Years

Prosecutors say they are reluctantly dropping the charges as their case slowly collapses.

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    Queens prosecutors are fuming after they reluctantly agreed to drop murder charges against a New York City man jailed 13 years for a fatal stabbing he says he didn't commit.

    A judge on Friday told former prisoner Kareem Bellamy that he was free to resume his life following the slow collapse of the case.
    The 44-year-old cried and hugged two former investigators who had worked to clear his name.
    Meanwhile, prosecutors say they still believe Bellamy is guilty.
    He was initially freed from prison in 2008 after his lawyers produced a tape of another man confessing to 1994 killing.
    That recording was later revealed to be a fake, but an appeals court said Bellamy still deserved a new trial.
    Prosecutors said a technicality prevented them from retrying Bellamy.