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Jury to Review Testimony in Newark Boys' Murder Case

Lee Evans faces 10 murder-related counts in the deaths of five teenagers who disappeared in 1978.



    Lee Evans (l) and Philander Hampton (r) were charged with murder in connection with the boys' disappearance.

    A jury weighing the fate of a New Jersey man accused of burning five teenagers alive in 1978 has gone home after asking to review transcripts of testimony from the prosecution's key witness.     

    Lee Evans is facing 10 counts related to the deaths of the teens, whose bodies were never found.     

    Jurors deliberated for more than two hours Monday before asking for transcripts of Philander Hampton's testimony.     

    In exchange for a deal with prosecutors, Hampton testified against his cousin. 

    Hampton said he and Evans lured the boys to a vacant Newark home, nailed them in a closet and set it ablaze in retaliation for them stealing marijuana from Evans.     

    Evans represented himself in the trial.     

    Deliberations are set to resume Tuesday.