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Jury in Horrific Conn. Home Invasion Reviews Testimony

Prosecutors say crime cries out for the death penalty



    The face of evil: Steven Hayes

    Jurors deciding if a man convicted in a deadly Connecticut home invasion should be executed have asked to re-hear testimony from a psychiatrist who said the man flew into a rage at the time of the crime.

    Steven Hayes was convicted last month of killing a Cheshire woman and her two daughters in 2007.

    The New Haven jury weighing Hayes' sentence on Saturday asked to hear some of the cross-examination of Dr. Eric Goldsmith.

    Goldsmith testified for the defense that Hayes was in an extreme emotional state triggered after another man accused in the crime, Joshua Komisarjevsky, falsely told Hayes he had killed the girls. Hayes was convicted of sexually assaulting and strangling their mother, Jennifer Hawke-Petit.

    Prosecutors said Hayes' own confession showed he knew the girls were still alive.