Residents Evacuated After Gas Leak Discovered in Jersey City

A crack was discovered on a high-pressure gas main

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    NBC New York

    Crews are on the site of gas leak in Jersey City after a crack was discovered on a gas main Sunday afternoon.

    About 60 people were evacuated from a residential neighborhood in the city after a leak was discovered in the 20-inch high-pressure gas main, according to Jersey City Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Stewart.

    Nearly all of the homes near the site of the leak had explosive mixtures within the building.

    A number of senior citizens in senior housing also had to be moved to another side of a building, and a shelter was put in place, said Stewart.

    Public Service Gas was on the scene.

    "They've identified the valves they need to close to isolate the leak, and they're attempting to do so right now," said Stewart.

    "We've very lucky," said Stewart. "If you look, we've had recent experiences here and in New York with buildings blowing up under these conditions, so we're very lucky."