Backpacks Banned Amid Increased Security for 5 Boro Bike Tour in NYC

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    The attacks at the Boston Marathon brought out a small army of law enforcement today to protect bikers taking part in the Five Boro Bike Tour. While some riders said they may have felt anxious, the bombings would not stop them from participating. News 4's David Ushery has more. (Published Sunday, May 5, 2013)

    A large police presence was on hand for Sunday's annual Five Boro Bike Tour as approximately 32,000 cyclists made their way along the 40-mile route through New York City.

    For the first time riders were not allowed to wear backpacks, though fanny packs and some other small bags were allowed. The new rules came in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing where explosives were concealed in backpacks.

    Police Presence Ramped Up at 5 Boro Bike Tour

    [NY] Police Presence Ramped Up at 5 Boro Bike Tour
    Organizers and police are ramping up security at the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City Sunday. It is the first citywide event since the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Cyclists will hit every borough and that means it won't be easy to get around because of the many street closings. News 4's Checkey Beckford has more from Tribeca. (Published Sunday, May 5, 2013)

    Police said officers on bikes and scooters rode alongside tour participants. Bomb-sniffing dogs, radiation detectors and counterterrorism teams were also deployed. Harbor officers escorted ferries going to and from Staten Island, where the tour ended.

    NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said the police department was using new mobile cameras to monitor the event. 

    Some bikers said they were riding in support of the One Fund Boston, the official fund for those affected by the bombing. 

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