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Father Goose Protects Rooftop Nest, Attacks Passersby

The neighborhood in Rockland County's town of Monsey says he won't let anyone pass



    (Published Friday, Sept. 4, 2015)

    A protective father goose whose babies will soon hatch in a nest on the roof of a New York home is guarding them so fiercely the neighborhood is living in fear of his attacks. 

    Residents in the Rockland County neighborhood say the goose hisses and charges at anyone walking nearby, while the mother goose sits on the nest with the eggs.
    "Suddenly out of nowhere he goes 'HISSSS' like this face! Like a crazy face," said Effie Weissmandl, who lives in the neighborhood. "And we all jumped back. And then suddenly it like took off and swooped up and attacked us."
    The owner of the home apparently claimed the geese were holding her hostage and that she couldn't leave her house, but she seems to have gotten by them because she wasn't home when NBC 4 New York was there.
    Neighbors say they've been dodging his attacks for more than a week.
    "The kids went running, it was a spectacle," said Dina Weissmandl. "You have to like lay low, no loud sounds."