Experts Say End of NJ Tunnel Project Hurts Region | NBC New York

Experts Say End of NJ Tunnel Project Hurts Region

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    When he killed the construction of a new rail line to New York under the Hudson River, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie saved his state's taxpayers at least $3 billion.

    But critics say it came at a cost. They cite the jobs that might have been created and the cars that will remain on the highway.

    They also say real estate values would have risen for homes near train stops.

    Other urban experts, however, say the region will do fine without the tunnel. They say New Jersey is far less dependent on New York City for jobs than it was decades ago.

    In Asbury Park, an old resort town, the mayor says his community will try to put housing close to the train station. But he says they'll be geared toward people whose train commutes stay in New Jersey.