Espada Investigation Expands to State Senate

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    Investigators tell they are questioning whether Espada may have rewarded board members with government jobs.

    Did Pedro Espada's alleged misconduct reach into the New York State Senate?   That's what Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is trying to find out with a subpoena issued Thursday.  

    Specifically,  investigators are asking for hiring, travel and expense records for ten of Espada's current and former Senate employees who also served as employees or board members for Espada's non profit, Soundview.

    Investigators Raid Espada's Bronx Clinic

    [NY] Investigators Raid Espada's Bronx Clinic
    State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada is attacking Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for spreading politically motivated lies. This as Federal and State investigators raided Espada's non profit health clinics today in what is now a criminal investigation by the AG, the FBI and the US Attorney's office. (Published Wednesday, April 21, 2010)

    Espada is accused of looting Soundview to the tune of $14 million over five years. He's also accused of packing the Soundview board with friends, family members and people who relied on him, including Senate employees.

    Those board members are accused of signing off on exorbitant perks for Espada, including a housing allowance, tens of thousands of dollars in meals and a 9 million dollars severance package.  

    Investigators Pull Files from Espada's Nonprofit

    [NY] Investigators Pull Files from Espada's Nonprofit
    State and federal officials pull documents from Sen. Pedro Espada's nonprofit. (Published Wednesday, April 21, 2010)

    Investigators tell one question is whether Espada may have rewarded board members with government jobs in return for signing off on those perks.