2 Pugs Left in Animal Control Truck Die From Heat

Driver says he switched to vehicle without air conditioning because usual truck had engine problems

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    This was not one of the pugs that died in the sweltering cab but the doggie victims probably looked like this.

    An animal control officer has been hit with animal welfare charges after two pugs that got loose in Rochester died in the sweltering cab of his truck.

    Fred Parkinson was charged Wednesday with failing to provide proper food and drink for an impounded animal, a misdemeanor, and confining an animal in extreme temperatures, a violation.

    He'd captured the dogs on a 91-degree day in July after they escaped from a backyard.

    Police say the 36-year-old Parkinson went on two more calls and picked up a fast-food lunch before discovering on his return to the city pound that the dogs, Lilly and Daisy, had died.

    Parkinson said he'd switched to a vehicle without air conditioning because his usual truck had engine problems. He said he was very upset by the deaths.