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Car Flies Off Queensboro Bridge Exit, Hits Pedestrian



    A car exiting the Queensboro Bridge on the Queens side went airborne and slammed into a building. (Published Tuesday, April 5, 2011)

    A car exiting the Queensboro Bridge on the Queens side went airborne and slammed into a building, killing a pedestrian who happened to be walking by at 4 a.m.

    Police said the red 2007 Volkswagen was coming off the 59th Street Bridge when the driver failed to negotiate the curve and lost control. The car hit a guard rail, flipped and flew into the building housing a beauty parlor at Crescent Street and Queens Plaza South.

    Deadly Queensboro Bridge Accident

    [NY] Deadly Queensboro Bridge Accident
    A pedestrian died in an accident by the Queensboro Bridge early Monday morning, when a car leaving the bridge slammed into a building. (Published Monday, March 28, 2011)

    The 68-year-old pedestrian died at the scene. He was identified as Anthony Buscemi, a taxi driver for Midtown Operating Corp. since 1986. Buscemi, of Sunnyside, had just exited the subway and was walking to work when he was hit.  He is survived by a son.

    "There were other drivers almost behind him who went into tears when they saw him laying there," said Buscemi's boss Rey Segui. "As far as we're concerned a really really bad loss for the taxi business. A guy who knew his way around. He's been at this since 1986. That's a long time driver...steady."

    Buscemi was on the sidewalk in front of Villa de Beaute salon, one when he was fatally hit.  A camera inside the salon captured part of the crash.

    The driver of the car was taken to a hospital with critical injuries, including a severed arm, according to the Daily News. Another passenger was transported in stable condition.

    One person who came upon the carnage told the Daily News it "was a horror movie -- pools of blood running onto the street."

    Yama Dastagirzada said he saw a person on the sidewalk, not moving. He then turned his attention to the passengers in the car.

    "I looked in and saw a hand moving," he said. "I was going to try and turn off the ignition but the car was crushed from the top. I couldn't get in. The whole front end of the car was taken off."

    The News said a blood sample of the driver is being tested for alcohol.

    The outer roadway on the bridge was closed for several hours, snarling traffic during the morning rush.