Dead Humpback Whale Spotting Floating in Ocean Off Asbury Park

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    U.S. Coast Guard officials spotted a dead humpback whale adrift off Asbury Park on Tuesday.

    The whale was initially spotted about three miles offshore and has likely been dead for some time, experts said.

    The massive creature, thought to be about 30 feet long, is moving south but no one has spotted it since yesterday. The striations of the mammoth-sized mammal were clearly visible and seagulls perched atop the behemoth's carcass.

    Any boaters who see the whale are asked to contact the U.S. Coast Guard or the Marine Mammal Strandering Center in Brigantine.

    Multiple whales washed up dead on New York beaches this summer. In June, gawkers flocked to see a massive humpback whale stranded on Jones Beach. And in April, a young whale stranded for three days at East Hampton Beach had to be euthanized because experts said it was too sick to survive on its own.