Maloney Calls for Investigation into Subway Construction Stink

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    Rep. Carolyn Maloney is calling for an investigation into a stench coming from the construction site of the Second Avenue subway line.

    Upper East Side residents and city lawmakers are raising a stink about an unpleasant odor wafting from construction of the Second Avenue subway line.

    After NBC New York first reported on the complaints Friday, Rep. Carolyn Maloney called on the MTA to clean up construction dust and test the air for safety.

    Neighbors are complaining about a strong stench coming from the site near East 69th Street and Second Avenue.

    Maloney said that while construction projects have complications, the odor is simply too much.

    "When you have the area looking like a dust bowl, and smelling like a toilet bowl, it has really gone too far," Maloney said.

    The congresswoman said she has written a letter to the head of the MTA requesting an investigation.