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Post-Sandy Coney Island Construction Unnerves Residents

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    It has to be done, but some post-Sandy construction on the famous Coney Island boardwalk is rattling the nerves of some neighborhood residents. Marc Santia reports. (Published Friday, April 5, 2013)

    The famous Coney Island boardwalk has become a source of headaches for families in the area as crews work furiously -- sometimes during the overnight hours -- to get it repaired in time for the summer after Sandy.

    The storm wreaked havoc and destroyed concession stands and comfort stations on Coney Island, and now construction workers are trying to do two years' worth of work in four and a half months.

    Their goal is to build on top of new pilings being driven deep into the sand.

    But the pile-driving is sending deep vibrations and pounding into homes in the overnight hours, keeping residents up.

    "We cannot sleep," said Felix Sikar. "It's absolutely devastating. My children cannot sleep."

    "They started doing this at night, just knocking down those pilings," said Sikar, adding that plugging his ears was futile. 

    The Parks Department said the construction workers are moving as fast as they can to get the boardwalk ready for summer.

    Officials said hundreds depend on the beaches opening on time, though they are apologizing to residents for not doing a better job at alerting the neighborhood about the construction.

    The Parks Department hopes to wrap up the pile-driving work within eight days. 

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