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Condo Residents Tossing Eggs at Dogs in Park Slope



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    A person walks a dog down a snowy street on December 19, 2009 in Brooklyn.

    For the second time this month, some egg-head in a condo overlooking a Park Slope dog run has bombed a dog owner (and dog) with an egg. It appears to be the latest method of vigilante after-hours park enforcement as both incidents happened after the dog run's posted 8 p.m. closing time.

    However, the woman involved in the most recent yolking told Brownstoner her dog was doing his business quietly, and she's been taking him there after-dark since it opened in 2008. 

    When it happened in late November, Brownstonerspoke with a dog owner who frequents the park, who said a resident of the building came out to ask owners to shut their dogs up, as they had a baby sleeping upstairs.

    Is that person the culprit, cradling his or her sleeping baby while raining eggs on the dog owners downstairs? Or is it just a grumpy condo resident, tired of the barks and whimpers that come from living above a popular doggy day park?

    Time, or due doggie diligence, will hopefully crack the case. Keep your hats on and your eyes peeled for after-hours park enforcement if you're a doggy owner in the Slope.