Commutes for NJ Residents Among Worst in the Nation: Report

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    New Jersey ties Maryland and trails only New York when it comes to long commutes. Pat Battle reports. (Published Tuesday, March 5, 2013)

    The U.S. Census Bureau is reporting that New Jersey commuters have some of the toughest commutes in the nation.

    According to the report, New Jersey residents work out of state more than residents of any other state in the country, and one in seven commutes more than an hour to get to work.

    "It's the late trains, inconvenient schedules, hassles, congestion," said commuter Doug Ortelere.

    Psychiatrist Dr. Helene Miller says that long, stressful commutes can cause people's blood pressure and heart rate to rise.

    "Congestion is getting more and more, and gas prices are going up, tolls are going up," Miller said. "We're all stressed out and we all need to slow down and take a deep breath."

    Miller recommends trying to carpool or telecommute, and above all, avoid bringing the stress of a commute home.

    "Start dinner a little bit later," Miller said. "Take a bath, call a friend, listen to some music and just slow down and take a deep breath."

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