Coming to a Doorstep Near You: Census Workers to Hit the Streets this Weekend

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    If you failed to mail back your 2010 census form, you may hear someoneknocking at your door this weekend. (Published Friday, April 30, 2010)

    Forgot about that Census form that arrived in your mailbox months ago?

    The US Census Bureau hasn't.

    The agency is sending out 635,000 census takers this weekend on the first of many attempts to gather census information firsthand from people who didn't mail back their 2010 census forms.

    If you're one of the many who have yet to send in a form, you can expect a visit from one of the bureaus workers. They can be easily identified by the black bag canvas bag with the a Census logo on the side, along with an ID badge. 

    If you're unsure whether your census taker is the real deal, know that census taker will only ask the 10 questions that are listed on the printed census form.

    Anybody asking for additional information, such as social security numbers, donations or  bank or credit card numbers should be considered suspicious.

    If you're not home when the census taker comes this weekend, don't worry! The census worker will leave a visit notice and they'll make another attempt to get your census info.