Census Bureau Fires 2 for Faking Brooklyn Surveys

10,000 Brooklyn households will have to be reassessed

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    About 10,000 Brooklyn households will have to be reassessed.

    Two U.S. Census Bureau managers in Brooklyn have been fired over allegations that they were forging questionnaires.

    Officials said Friday that about 10,000 household interviews in the borough would have to be redone to ensure that the count is accurate and complete.

    Census Bureau Regional Director Tony Farthing tells the New York Daily News that the fakery took place over a recent weekend when the Northeast Brooklyn office was under pressure to meet a deadline.

    Instead of surveying people in their homes, they "cheated'' by copying information from phone books and Internet directories, Farthing said.

    The managers were promptly turned in by colleagues, whom they allegedly tried to involve in forging questionnaires to meet deadlines.

    More reviews are taking place to confirm that the bulk of the office's work was done properly.