Carl Paladino Distances Himself from Racist, Sexist Email Forwards

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    Carl Paladino

    Stay classy, Carl Paladino.  

    A political Web site hit the fledgling gubernatorial campaign of Republican Carl Paladino hard today, releasing emails fowarded by the businessman -- who prides himself in being politically incorrect -- being completely "racist and sexist."  Or, at least, forwarding racist and sexist attempts at humor.

    One of the images featured bestiality in an e-mail aimed at insulting the French. Another was a photo of President Obama and the first lady altered to appear to be a pimp and hooker.  Another forward was a video clip of African tribesman dancing.  It was entitled "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal."

    Paladino's spokesman doesn't deny the private e-mails released on the western New York Web site (WARNING: NSFW. Contains graphic content) , but says they were simply forwarded to close friends.

    Spokesman Michael Caputo says Paladino doesn't agree with most of the messages and blamed the political establishment for releasing them publicly. Caputo called them off-color.