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FBI Contacting Libyan Americans: CAIR

Feds reaching out after Libyan intervention, says the Council On American-Islamic Relations



    The FBI is reaching to Libyan-Americans in light of the recent U.S. intervention in that nation, the Council On American-Islamic Relations said Tuesday.

    The FBI is contacting Libyan-Americans as a precaution due to the conflict in Libya, the Council On American-Islamic Relations said Tuesday.

    CAIR officials said in an email to members they "strongly support law enforcement" and said it was a "civic duty" to report any criminal or threat information.

    They also advised community members of their rights to have an attorney and that cooperating with law enforcement is voluntary absent a subpoena.

    An FBI spokesman declined comment.  Some officials said FBI agents have been reaching out to try to gain information to see if there is any terror or criminal threat as a result U.S. bombing raids in Libya.  

    Officials said agents are also reaching out to try sure members of the Libyan-American community feel free to report any instances of discrimination or civil rights violations.

    FBI agents have taken similar precautionary steps after the war in Iraq began as well as other international conflicts.