Burial for Homeless Hero who Died as People Walked By

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    Passersby gawk, take cell-phone photos and generally ignore a dying man, a video indicates. (Published Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

    A Guatemalan immigrant who died defending a woman under attack in New York City has been buried in his native country.

    The death of Hugo Tale-Yax in Queens provoked outrage after surveillance camera footage showed several people walking past his bleeding body without stopping to help.
    Police say the 31-year-old homeless man was stabbed to death after intervening in an argument between a man and a woman.
    His body was flown to Guatemala and was buried Saturday in his hometown, Esperanza.
    His father, Juan Pablo Tale, says his son was "truly a hero" and died defending someone he didn't know.
    Municipal authorities delivered U.S. and Guatemalan flags to the family.