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Wayward Dolphin Ends Up in Brooklyn Creek



    (Published Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013)

    Police are working to help a wayward dolphin that ended up in a Brooklyn creek.

    The dolphin was swimming in a waterway near Coney Island Thursday. Police say the dolphin swam under a trash boom at the mouth of the Coney Island Creek during high tide in the morning.

    The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation said the dolphin was swimming in circles and surfacing every two to three minutes. 

    The organization said it was monitoring the animal, which it said is a common dolphin.

    The NYPD said emergency service officers were trying to help the animal near Cropsey Avenue and Bay 54th Street. A harbor unit and an aviation unit were also on the scene.

    Neighbors gathered around the area to watch the dolphin.

    "It's just so rare to see that over here in Brooklyn, especially down the block from our house," said Emily Salazar of Coney Island.

    Some were hoping to see the dolphin make its way out of the creek. 

    "It's just really sad. It's not really safe there because it's really dirty and contaminated, so there's a possibility something could happen to him," said Karla Mosso of Coney Island.

    The NYPD moved the trash boom and are hoping the dolphin will swim back to sea during high tide. 

    "I think everyone is drawn to the novelty of having a dolphin here," said Patricia Sener of Seagate. "I think everyone wants a happy outcome." 

    Sheldon Dutes contributed to this report.