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Perhaps Inspired By the Cobra, Antelope Escapes Bronx Zoo

The male antelope was spotted by a photographer outside its enclosure.



    Freedom is spreading at the Bronx zoo -- an exotic antelope is the third animal in recent months to escape.

    An exotic antelope briefly tasted freedom after escaping its enclosure at the Bronx zoo.

    The kudu, a species of African antelope, was spotted by a photographer Sunday when it briefly escaped its enclosure.

    The photographer, Andrew Lichtenstein, tells the Daily News that the animal was sticking to an area of shrubs and trees at the zoo near where people would be walking.

    The handsome antelope, with large spiraling horns and stripes on its body, apparently had gotten restless and somehow walked out of the exhibit.

    A peacock flew the coop in May, weeks after the infamous Egyptian cobra slithered out of its quarters.

    Lichtenstein says a food stand worker called Bronx Zoo officials, and a zoo employee soon had the kudu back inside. Zoo officials haven't returned a call seeking comment.

    A pair of male kudus joined a herd of gazelles in the zoo's popular outdoor African Plains exhibit this summer.