Bloomberg No Longer the Richest New Yorker

Still, 2nd place ain't bad

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    Mayor Michael Bloomberg can still count himself among New York's wealthiest residents, but he no longer claims the title.

    The billionaire mayor expanded his fortune to a sizeable $18 billion this year – up from $17.5 billion in 2009 – but his standing as the state's richest man was usurped by oil tycoon and Tea Party backer David Koch, whose wealth swelled to $21.5 billion, thanks to a boost in energy prices. Last year, Koch could only claim a paltry $16 billion. 

    Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, tripled his riches to $6.6 billion, making him the fastest climber on Forbes' 2010 list of America's wealthiest. (No wonder he can afford to donate $100 million to Newark's struggling public school system).

    Bill Gates, meanwhile, retained his title as the country's richest man, although his wealth fell $7 billion to $50 billion. Investor Warren Buffett came in second with $40 billion.