Blizzard Booze Turns to Jailhouse Blues for Westchester Woman:Cops

Her "thank you" of rum to two teen shovelers lands her in handcuffs

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    A snowbound woman is in hot water after seeking the help of two teenagers to shovel her driveway -- and giving them alcohol to say "thanks," police say.

    White Plains police charged 41-year-old Silvia Deleon with unlawfully dealing with a minor, which is a misdemeanor crime.  The boys who helped her are 17 and 18 years old, a few years shy of New York's legal drinking age of 21.

    White Plains public safety police commissioner, David Chong,says the boys came home in a "highly intoxicated state'' on Monday and their parents called police.

    Deleon shared a bottle of rum with the two teens after they shoveled her driveway, Chong says. The boys then offered to dig her car out.  She drove them to a liquor store and bought another rum bottle, which they consumed together, Chong says. 

    It wasn't clear if Deleon had an attorney. There's no phone listing for a Silvia Deleon.