NYC Mayor de Blasio Eats Pizza With Knife and Fork

De Blasio pointed out that his pizza "had a lot on it"

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    See Mayor Bill de Blasio eating his pizza with a knife and fork. He says the style is European. (Published Friday, Jan. 10, 2014)

    New York City's new mayor, Bill de Blasio, raised eyebrows on Staten Island Friday when he sat down and enjoyed a slice of pizza with a knife and fork.

    The mayor, who often boasts of his Italian heritage, defended the eating style as authentically European.

    "In my ancestral homeland, it is more typical to eat with a fork and knife," he said. "I have been in Italy a lot and I have picked up the habit for certain types of pizza."

    De Blasio was on Staten Island for a "roundtable" with residents. 

    Photos of him eating pizza with utensils ignited a firestorm of mocking comments on Twitter.

    "He's officially worse than Bloomberg," tweeted one woman.

    De Blasio pointed out that his pizza "had a lot on it."

    "I often start with a knife and fork but then I cross over to the American approach and pick it up when I go farther into the pizza," he said. "It's a very complicated approach but I like it."