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7 Bikers Accused of Reckless Driving on Long Island Expressway



    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013)

    Seven motorcyclists, three from New York City, were accused of reckless driving on the Long Island Expressway Monday.

    Suffolk County police say they received two 911 calls about the bikers speeding and weaving in and out of traffic near exit 49.

    A highway patrol officer responded and followed them for about 10 exits, police said. 

    The officer stopped the group by exit 63. All seven were charged and their motorcycles were impounded.

    Two of the bikers are from Queens, one is from Brooklyn, police said.

    The mother of one of the bikers told NBC 4 New York her son is a "good kid" and that all motorcycle riders are being unfairly targeted because of the viral video showing a gang of riders surrounding an SUV and following the driver after one was run over, then allegedly dragging him from the car and beating him up. Several of the bikers, including an NYPD cop, have been arrested in the alleged assault. 

    But drivers on Long Island say they are paying close attention. 

    "They're loud and weaving in and out of traffic, and I get nervous that I'm gonna hit them, honestly," said Francine Johnson of Centereach. 

    "I think a lot of people are scared and they're nervous that they're gonna be the next one who's gonna end up a victim," she said.  

    Eric Johnson added, "They're kind of a nuisance on the road. Not all of them -- a lot of bikers have respect -- but a lot of them drive like these guys and it scares people." 

    Ida Siegal contributed to this report. 

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