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Baby Zebra Debuts at Bronx Zoo



    (Published Tuesday, May 3, 2011)

    They are born with stripes! An adorable baby zebra is captivating audiences at the Bronx Zoo with her grace, charm and trademark stripes.

    The young Grevy's zebra, named Terri, recently made her debut at the Wildlife Conservation Society's African Plains exhibit

    Born earlier this year, Terri is the first zebra born at the Bronx Zoo since 2003. She spends her time running around her exhibit but never strays too far from her mother, Tara, and her father, Jimbo.

    Zebras’ stripes are brown at birth and gradually turn black as the animal matures.
    Grevy’s zebras are critically endangered in the wild and can be found in Northern Kenya.

    Check out Terri and her parents at the zoo, open daily from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.