VIDEO: Couple Steals $1,400 Worth of Baby Formula from Target

The theft points to the increasing popularity of baby formula on the black market

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    Surveillance video at a Target store in New Jersey shows two thieves stealing more than one thousand dollars in baby formula. It's a crime police say appears to be on the rise. Pei-Sze Cheng reports.

    Police in New Jersey are searching for a man and woman who allegedly stole a shopping cart filled with baby formula from a Target store in Monmouth County, then punched an employee before making their getaway, authorities said.

    The couple went to the Route 9 Target store in Manalapan and filled a shopping cart with $1,437 worth of baby formula, according to police. When the man tried to leave the store with one cart of the formula, an employee confronted them.

    VIDEO: Baby Formula Stolen from Target

    [NY] VIDEO: Baby Formula Stolen from Target
    Police are looking for two suspects they say stole baby formula from Target and injured a store employee in the process.

    That's when the male suspect assaulted the worker, causing serious injury, police said. The employee was taken to the hospital with contusions, a broken finger and a sprained arm.

    The confrontation was caught on surveillance video released Tuesday, along with video of the female suspect stocking one cart with formula.

    The couple fled in a blue Toyota Camry with plates that appeared to be from Virginia, said police.

    Investigators said the couple may also be behind a series of similar baby formula thefts at other Target stores in the tri-state area. Store managers across area have been told to remain alert for the suspects.

    Because it is an expensive staple item with a high resale value, baby formula has been a popular theft item for years. It has become such a problem that federal laws have been proposed to crack down on organized formula theft.