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Toxic Debris Mystery on Long Island Deepens With 2nd Dump Site



    The Brentwood park where debris was first found remains closed.

    Authorities believe toxic debris has been dumped at a second Long Island location after 32,000 tons of asbestos-contaminated soil was mysteriously discovered at a park.

    A 30-foot pile of debris has been found in a vacant lot on Route 111 in Central Islip.
    Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said Tuesday that the material is "very similar in appearance" to what was already found at Roberto Clemente Park in nearby Brentwood. Investigators believe the debris is related.
    That Brentwood park has been closed as officials try to sort out where the material, which has tested positive for asbestos. originated.
    Spota said field tests on the debris at the second site also indicated a presence of asbestos. More samples are being taken and analyzed.
    At Roberto Clemente Park, 32,000 tons of debris were dumped in more than 1,000 truckloads over an eight-month period beginning last summer, according to investigators.
    It was supposed to be clean fill, trucked in as part of a project organized by a Brentwood church.
    The DA says some of the debris, which includes auto parts, steel rods and construction trash, appears to have come from as far away as New York City.
    Officials said the state Department of Health hot line is 518-402-7800.

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