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Artist's Subway Etiquette Campaign Takes on Noise, Hygiene




    If you're a subway rider, there's little chance you haven't at some point been irritated, imposed upon, or otherwise grossed out by a fellow straphanger.

    A local artist has taken the initiative to mock up some helpful tips to keep our subways a little cleaner and a little more polite.

    Copying the style of MTA's official subway advisories, the yellow, red and black signs discuss themes like "hygiene," "noise pollution," "garbage," "eating," and one that, sadly, needed its own category -- "nail clippings."

    Here's an outtake from the rules for Eating: "If you must eat on the Subway, avoid foods that are messy, smelly, or otherwise disruptive to other passengers.  No on wants to smell you food or grab a pole and get BBQ sauce on their hand. It's a train, not the food court."

    The artist, Jayshells told the blog AnimalNewYork that the campaign followed up a survey of 100 people on their top non-service related pet-peeves.

    "I designed posters in the style of the Service Changes posters we see everyday and silkscreened about 40 each (400 total) and am currently putting them up on trains throughout the city," said Jayshells.

    You can check out all the posters here.

    The artist wants people to take a good look at the messages (presumably, the offenders should make the closest observations) before the MTA pulls them down.