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Alleged Alec Baldwin Stalker Held in Contempt of Court After Outbursts



    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013)

    The Canadian bit-part actress on trial for allegedly stalking Alec Baldwin, sending him lovesick messages and showing up uninvited at his homes, was held in contempt of court and sentenced to 30 days in jail after she kept interrupting her own lawyer in court Wednesday, hours before she was to take the stand.

    Genevieve Sabourin then went on a rant in the courtroom, telling the judge that court officers had molested her and complaining that she's been vilified in the press.

    "This is an injustice," Sabourin said in court. "Everybody has used their force on me."

    Sabourin's attorney Todd Spodek was in the middle of arguing that Marty Bregman, a film producer who Baldwin alleged was Sabourin's ex-boyfriend, be added to the witness list. Sabourin began piping up during the motion and the judge warned her "one final time" to stop interrupting before holding her in contempt of court.

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    She said, "I didn't do anything," and started sobbing. 

    Sabourin says what Baldwin calls stalking was only the denouement of a sexual relationship, which he denies they had.

    "I may be annoying, but I don't do it in the purpose or the intent to be. I'm seeking the truth," she said.

    Sabourin was headed to jail Wednesday night. 

    In her testimony later Wednesday, Sabourin denied being in a relationship with Bregman and said Baldwin came onto her. She described the actor as "very flirtatious," and said he gave her his phone number after they met more than 10 years ago while promoting his film "Pluto Nash." 

    Sabourin said Bregman gave her phone number to Baldwin in 2010. He called and introduced himself, she claimed, and, "from that moment, he called me every day."

    Then, she said, he invited her to New York, planning dinners and days at his home in the Hamptons hamlet of Amagansett. She paid for her plane ticket and hotel room.

    But after their Friday night together, he disappeared to Amagansett without her, she said.

    Over the next two years, she said, they maintained a fraught email and phone relationship that veered from talk of getting together again to a steamy phone call to him writing that his girlfriend wanted Sabourin to leave him alone.

    Baldwin said that's what he wanted as soon as she started sending romantic messages, though he acknowledged he sent some friendly emails along the way. He said they were efforts to placate her.

    Meanwhile, Bregman became a side issue in the case.

    Baldwin testified that Sabourin was the producer's mistress. The married Bregman, however, later said by phone that he never had an affair with her. Sabourin also denies it.

    Bregman told The Associated Press he thought Baldwin had found Sabourin attractive, but "I don't know if anything happened between the two of them."

    Prosecutors listed Bregman as a potential witness but said they didn't call him because he indicated he had little to say about the matter. But the judge decided he could legally infer that Bregman's testimony wouldn't have favored the prosecution.

    Bregman didn't testify for the defense, either.

    -Andrew Siff and Tracie Strahan contributed to this story

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