Baby Abandoned in Brooklyn, Police Sources Say Mom Was Fleeing Child's Dad

Police believe the mother was trying to get away from the child's father and left the baby behind.

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    Neighbors found a baby screaming at a Brooklyn housing complex just after midnight Thursday. Roseanne Colletti reports. (Published Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012)

    An abandoned baby girl was found early Thursday in the seventh-floor hallway of a Brooklyn housing project, and police sources say she was left behind by her mother who was fleeing from the child's father.

    The baby, about six months old, was taken to Coney Island hospital, where she is in good condition.

    She was found just after midnight at the O'Dwyer Houses on West 33rd Street. Police said there were no signs of visible neglect and the baby was very well bundled up.

    Police sources tell NBC New York that the mother is not expected to face charges. Investigators say it appears she was fighting with the baby's father and the baby was left behind as she fled.

    "She was cursing the man out in the hallway," neighbor Arlene Benjamin told NBC New York. "There's too much going on in there. You always hear the baby screaming and hollering while [the mother] is screaming and hollering."

    Police found a broken cell phone near the baby, which investigators believe was damaged by the father during the fight with the mother.