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5-Car Wreck Kills Mom, 11-Year-Old Daughter on Long Island



    The tragic wreck killed a mother and her daughter.

    A multi-vehicle crash on Long Island claimed the lives of a mother and her 11-year-old daughter.
    Nassau County police said a tractor-trailer and at least four cars were involved in the accident Wednesday evening in Bethpage.
    Detectives said Thursday morning that the tractor-trailer went through a red light and hit a Pontiac, which was turning left. That crash impacted a Lincoln Town car, which then hit a Honda Sedan and a Mitsubishi.

    Barbara Ryan, 44, and her daughter Joanna had been in the Pontiac. They were both rushed to the hospital but didn't survive.

    The driver of the tractor-trailer passed a preliminary breath test at the scene and volunteered to take a blood test as well. He wasn't injured in the accident, nor was the driver of the Mitsubishi.

    A 71-year-old woman driving the Lincoln suffered shoulder and rib injuries but is listed in stable condition in the hospital. The driver of the Honda, a 23-year-old man, suffered from neck, back and shoulder pain.

    Eileen Casper said her house vibrated from the impact, about 100 feet away.

    Casper said it happened at a dangerous intersection. She said vehicles often run yellow and even red lights there.

    Authorities removed the Lincoln, Honda and Pontiac from the scene for a comprehensive brake and safety inspection. The investigation is ongoing.