Not Giving Up: Bloomberg Launches New Plan to Get Taxis Green

State officials introduce federal, city legislation to expand city’s enforcement of green taxis

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    Mayor Michael Bloomberg comes up with an intriguing new plan to encourage taxis to go green.

    A high court ruled New York City didn’t have the authority to force all taxi operators to go green, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t giving up.

    On Friday, Bloomberg announced a series of initiatives to increase the use of fuel efficient and environmentally friendly taxis though financial incentives and legislative initiatives. 

    Bloomberg Not Giving Up on Going Green

    [NY] Bloomberg Not Giving Up on Going Green
    Last month, a judge ruled that New York City could not mandate taxis go green, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg has devised a new plan of persuasion. (Published Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008)

    The new program offers financial incentives for taxi fleet owners to purchase fuel efficient vehicles and financial disincentives for the continued use of less efficient vehicles. 

    Joining Bloomberg at the announcement were Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Taxi and Limousine Commission Chairman Matthew Daus, Councilman David Yassky, Richard Kassel of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Meir Yakuel, co-owner of the Yakuel Taxi Garage, where the announcement was made, and Rati Sharma, a taxicab driver.