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Reporter Arrested Outside DNC



    An ABC News producer was arrested by Denver police when he and his camera crew tried to film senators and big donors leaving a private meeting.

    Denver policearrested an ABC News producer when he and a camera crew tried to film senators and big donors as they were leaving a private meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel.

    Quick-thinking cameramen kept the cameras rolling as a police officer told producer Asa Eslocker to leave the public sidewalk and then began pushing him into the street and on-coming traffic. Moments later, several officers arrested the producer, who works with the station's investigative unit.

    "You're lucky I didn't know the f--k out of you," one of the arresting officers told Eslocker.

    Eslocker is being charged with trespassing, interference and failing to follow a lawful order.

    The crew is working on a series slated to appear on "World News" about corporate lobbyists and big donors at the convention.