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Caught On Tape: 3-Year-Old Tumbles Towards Tragedy

Girl falls down cliff while her mom takes video



    Alaina Pitton fell through the rails at an Oregon state park while posing for a picture with some relatives. The Pacific Ocean roared 150-feet below.

    A trip almost turned tragic for a little girl and her family.

    The Pitton family was visiting Ecola State Park on the coast of Oregon when the children lined up for a photo in front of the ocean.

    That's when 3-year-old Alaina fell through the railings and started tumbling down the 150-foot cliff.

    She grabbed onto some plants until another family member was able to get over the fence and rescue her.

    Luckily, Alaina wasn't injured in the fall -- only very frightened.  Still, it’s likely to be a moment her mother will never forget, especially since she caught the whole incident on her video camera.