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Diddy's Son: Father's Arrest a "Hiccup"

Diddy's son Quincy Brown has dismissed his father's recent arrest as a "hiccup."



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    Diddy, de 45 años y cuyo nombre real es Sean Combs, fue arrestado en el complejo deportivo Acosta de UCLA bajo sospecha de ataque con un arma mortal después de las 12:30 p.m., según un comunicado de la policía del campus (UCPD).

    Diddy's son Quincy Brown has dismissed his father's recent arrest as a "hiccup."

    Brown walked the red carpet of the BET Awards with Diddy's three young daughters.

    He brushed aside questions about Diddy's arrest last week. The music mogul, whose real name is Sean Combs, faces assault charges for an alleged attack involving a weight-room kettlebell at the athletic facilities of the University of California at Los Angeles, where Diddy's other son Justin plays football.

    "Hiccups happen in life. You push that to the side. You worry about that later," Brown told The Associated Press. "That's why we here right now just enjoying the BET Awards. We come every year. We're supporting the family, supporting my dad. And my dad's got a big performance this year."

    Diddy led a reunion of original Bad Boy musicians including Faith Evans, the Lox and Ma$e at the show. He also debuted a new song with Pharrell, "Finna Get Loose."

    "This is a big moment," Brown said. "This is like a family reunion for Bad Boy. ... Bad Boy is still here. We ain't never went nowhere. Can't stop, won't stop."

    The performance was a huge crowd pleaser, but it didn't go all smoothly: Diddy fell through an open trap door on stage while performing.