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Rebecca Romijn’s Pregnancy Cravings: Soy Cream Cheese & Lemonade



    Jerry O’Connell says pregnant wife Rebecca Romijn has been having some “crazy” cravings.

    “Lemonade always has to be in our fridge. That’s my job,” he told People on Sunday night. The star was running in the 10-kilometer Nike + Human Race in Los Angeles.

    Rebecca, who’s expecting twins, is also chowing down on soy cream cheese.

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    “It’s crazy, right?” Jerry said. “Can’t be cream cheese. Soy cream cheese. Do you know how difficult it is to find soy cream cheese? It’s usually in the corner of the supermarket someplace!”

    The actress — who Jerry says is “getting bigger by the day” — has developed quite the appetite.

    “Meals are not to be missed,” he said. “We promptly hit them and if we’re a little late, then — somebody’s not happy.”

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    The couple is already thinking of names for the babies, who are due in winter. According to Jerry, one “definitely” could be Dolly, after singer Dolly Parton, a favorite of Rebecca’s.

    “The other [name] we’re not really sure,” he said.

    The 34-year-old actor is keeping busy while he waits for the twins, training by himself to participate in the 10K race.

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